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Mental Health Service Provider in Bangalore

Embrace a Renewed Self with Bangalore's Leading Mental Health Service Provider

Mental Health deserves your attention.
Don't struggle silently. We're here to help.
We are combining Therapy with Wundrsight Digital Therapeutics
to make your recovery journey fast, easy and fun!
Clinically Validated DTx
We integrate some of the latest technological innovations in Digital Therapeutics into your care program. Rigorously based on research,
backed by clinical data. 
Personalised Program,
Tailored For You
Every individual is different and 
so are their needs and journey. We specialise in building custom, tailored recovery plans for you that
suit your health goals.
Standardized Protocols,
Built with Experts
We work closely with some of the leading experts in the field to build Standardised Protocols to enable speedier, reliable outcomes. 
Flexible & 
Our programs follow a hybrid mix
of offline, online sessions based on your comfort, convenience & preference. We ensure maximum flexibility & availability tuned for your care needs.
Licensed Therapists,
Best in the Industry
We only get with the best healthcare professionals to work with you, and have a high bar when onboarding one. We ensure you get the best.
Our Health Plans

Choose a plan that fits your needs. No more hassles of booking sessions or planning your therapy schedule. Let us tailor make it for you based on your needs.

Engage Plan

Self Help Recovery Program for
Stress | Anxiety | Depression

  • Unlimited Access to DTx Products at our Health Hubs

  • Recovery Plan​

Empower Plan

4 Week Recovery Program for
Stress | Anxiety | Depression | ++

  • Access to our DTx Therapy

  • ​5 Counselling Sessions with our Licensed Therapists

  • Unlimited Access to DTx Products at our Health Hubs

  • Recovery Plan​

Evolve Plan

12 Week Recovery Program for
Stress | Anxiety | Depression | ++

  • Access to our DTx Therapy

  • ​15 Counselling Sessions with our Licensed Therapists

  • Unlimited Access to DTx Products at our Health Hubs

  • Recovery Plan​

How does it work?

Discover the seamless process of transforming your life through therapy. From choosing your nearest center, starting your therapy journey, to embarking on a path of recovery, we guide you every step of the way toward self-discovery and well-being.

First step to enroll for mental health care program
Vector 9.png

Discover the path to inner well-being and emotional harmony with our team of dedicated therapists. At our conveniently located Wundrsight Health Hubs, you sign-up to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, guided by experienced professionals who are committed to your mental and emotional wellness.

Start DTx Therapy

Our experienced therapists provide a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your thoughts, emotions, and challenges. Begin your path towards greater resilience and mental clarity, and embrace the positive changes that therapy can bring to your life. We use Immersive, Gamified Therapeutics to make sure you not only relish the healing process, but recover faster.

And yoy achive your goal

Overcome all your fears, anxieties and stressors with our tailored programs. We make sure that you recover faster with minimum therapy duration. 

Visit Wundrsight Health Hubs Near you

Feel Free to Drop-by at Wundrsight Health Hubs. our State-of-the-Art Experience Centres and Personal Safe Spaces

Designed for you to Help You Achieve Your Mind Wellness Goals Faster, Better

Our Partner Psychologists & Therapists

We only work with the best mental health professionals to partner with us in

delivering State-of-the-Art Digital Therapeutics Behavioral Healthcare Solutions

 Nishtha Budhiraja Prinicipal Psychologist & CMO
Nishtha Budhiraja

Prinicipal Psychologist & CMO

Experience: 8+ Years

Qualification: MSc Cognitive Neuropsychology, University of Essex, UK; BA, MA Psych, DU

Expertise: Anxiety | Chronic Stress | Depressive Disorders 

Available: Online | Offline

 Srinithi Raghuraman Psychologist, Mind Space Clinic
Srinithi Raghuraman

Psychologist, Mind Space Clinic

Experience: 3+ Years

Qualification: MSc, Counselling Psychology, Christ University, Bangalore

Expertise: Anxiety | ADHD | Chronic Stress | Depressive Disorders | OCD

Available: Wundrsight Health Hub HSR

The Impact We are Creating


Less therapy sessions required than traditional methods.

We help you save time, efforts and money spent on therapy.


Clients who have benefited through our DTx Therapy.  


NPS Score i.e. Clients recommend our program to their friends and family

Ready to feel better?

Finding the right treatment is a key step in your mental health journey. Talk to one of our Health Hub coaches to receive personalized recommendations for your concerns.

Start your Mental health care journey
  • What is Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy?
    Virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) is a form of exposure therapy that uses technology. Exposure therapy seeks to help decrease the intensity of the stress responses you might have to situations, thoughts, or memories which provoke anxiety or fear.
  • How can I access the Clinical dashboard?
    To access the patient's dashboard, open the patient profile and click the Clinical Dashboard tab. Additional options: Click Add goal to set a goal for a tracker. (Optional: You can also add a target date for goals.)
  • Is VR Therapy Clinically proven?
    Virtual reality (VR) has proven effective in the treatment of specific phobias and trauma particularly when in-vivo exposure therapy might be costly (e.g. fear of flying, combat scenes). Similarly, VR has been associated with improvement of chronic pain and of acute pain during medical procedures.
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