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Virtual Reality Therapy

Comprehensive Care Management Platform for Mental, Behavioral Health. Digitising therapy to help you recover faster, better. Making mental health solutions that are evidence-based, scalable and standardised.

Digital Mental Healthcare
Virtual Reality Therapy for Mental Health
virtual reality mental therapy

Integrating Healthcare
with VR Digital Therapeutics to

Wellness for Your Mind.

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We've all heard of struggles among
our friends, families and colleagues.

1 Bn+

People globally are struggling silently with some mental health issue

of people suffer from mental health problems such as anxiety or a phobia
over the world.



of people are unable to receive evidence-based interventions for mental health conditions.


3 out of 4 employees feel burnout or stressed

at workplaces

Medical Extended Reality as a Digital Therapeutics, is now US FDA Approved
Evidence Based Innovation


Our team of experts has developed a digital tool with scientific backing that utilizes neuroplasticity, meta-cognition, and multisensory perception to provide real advantages to patients and physicians.

Medical extended reality refers to the use of extended reality (XR) technology in healthcare and medicine. XR is used to monitor, assess, and treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, addiction, and more. It also enhances the well-being and quality of life for people who are experiencing or seeking prevention of mental and behavioral health issues.



By using XR techniques like virtual reality, we provide remote, personalized mental health care, increasing accessibility for people who are not able to benefit from standard approaches or are looking for drug-free options. In addition to improving patient outcomes, this strategy serves underprivileged populations.



Based on the needs and preferences of each patient, our clinicians design individualized interventions. Patient satisfaction increases as a result of this tailored strategy, which promotes efficient therapy.

Why Wundrsight Healthcare?
Digital Therapeutics Protocols
Our Digital Therapeutics Protocols Deliver Superior, Faster Clinical Outcomes Than Traditional Therapy and Medication-only Treatment Plans

With Wundrsight’s VR platform, we combine therapy with our Evidence-based digital health solutions to improve recovery outcomes and clinician efficiency. Saves time, efforts for clients. Enables adherence and retention for clinicians. VR Therapy is implemented consistently and outcomes replicable, scalable and rapid.

The Impact We are Creating


Less therapy sessions required than traditional methods.

We help you save time, efforts and money spent on therapy.


Clients who have benefited through our DTx Therapy.  


NPS Score i.e. Clients recommend our program to their friends and family

Hear what some of our users have to say

Exceptional recovery outcomes, superior personalised care and

evidence-based, clinically-validated Digital Therapeutics care delivery for clients


My anxiety about going out and interacting with people has been improving. I feel in better control of myself. Thanks to my therapist for introducing me to this approach. 


I had a fear of closed spaces. I am now comfortable with such experiences.


Never imagined I could relax so comfortably during the day like this. It’s like a portal to a whole new world that has become my happy place to take a break. Helping me with my work-related burnout a lot!

How it works and how we can help you?

We are working together for a world where digital therapeutics dramatically improves healthcare outcomes, making the lives of both providers and people better. 

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