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Combining Healthcare
with Digital Therapeutics
Wellness for Your Mind.

Introducing a New Standard of Care for Your Mind’s Wellbeing to help you live a healthier, happier life

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We've all heard of struggles among our friends,
families and colleagues.

1 Bn+

People globally are struggling silently with some mental health issue

of people suffer from mental health problems such as anxiety or a phobia
over the world.



of people are unable to receive evidence-based interventions for mental health conditions.


3 out of 4 employees feel burnout or stressed

at workplaces

Health systems facing growing challenges in the
treatment of mental, behavioral health

Healthcare systems are grappling with increasing obstacles in effectively treating mental and behavioral health issues.

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Rapid growing occurrences

More than a billion globally are struggling silently with some mental health issue

Large and dramatically rising number of cases post pandemic

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Limited access to treatment

Limited access to therapy for large parts of the population especially in rural areas

Poor quality care services limiting treatment outcomes for majority

Limited infrastructure & High Cost

Shortage of treatment facilities and adequately trained medical personnel

High Drop-out rates, Adherence are major pain points leading to huge losses of revenue

Medical Extended Reality as a Digital Therapeutics, is now US FDA Approved

Medical extended reality covers the use of extended reality (XR) technology in medicine and healthcare. Enhances the well-being and quality of life of people who suffer from mental and behavioral health issues or who want to prevent them. Used to assess, monitor, and treat various mental and behavioral health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, addiction, and more.



A team of experts has developed a science-based digital tool that utilizes Multi-sensory Perception, Neuroplasticity, and Meta-Cognition to benefit clinicians and patients.



XR and AI tools enable personalised, remote mental healthcare, benefiting those who can't attend in-person sessions, enhancing access for underserved communities, and boosting patient outcomes.



Tailored to individual patients, clinicians offer personalized interventions aligned with health needs and preferences, fostering effective treatment and higher satisfaction.

Why Wundrsight?
Nurse And Patient In Waiting Room
Our approach is redefining healthcare
delivery for mind & behavioral needs

Access to effective psychological therapies has been hampered by a shortage of clinicians. The problem is especially acute for people with severe mental health difficulties. Automated VR offers an innovative and effective way out of this impasse. Therapies are implemented consistently and outcomes replicable, scalable and rapid. With Wundrsight’s VR platform, we combine therapy with our Evidence-based digital health solutions to improve recovery outcomes and clinician efficiency. Saves time, efforts for clients. Enables adherence and retention for clinicians. 

Upto 2X faster Results than current methods
Upto 5X Engagement and Adherence

The Impact We are Creating


Less therapy sessions required than traditional methods.

We help you save time, efforts and money spent on therapy.


Clients who have benefited through our DTx Therapy.  


NPS Score i.e. Clients recommend our program to their friends and family

Hear what some of our users have to say

Exceptional recovery outcomes, superior personalised care and

evidence-based, clinically-validated Digital Therapeutics care delivery for clients


My anxiety about going out and interacting with people has been improving. I feel in better control of myself. Thanks to my therapist for introducing me to this approach. 


I had a fear of closed spaces. I am now comfortable with such experiences.


Never imagined I could relax so comfortably during the day like this. It’s like a portal to a whole new world that has become my happy place to take a break. Helping me with my work-related burnout a lot!

How it works and how we can help you?

We are working together for a world where digital therapeutics dramatically improves healthcare outcomes, making the lives of both providers and people better. 

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