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Start Feeling Better. Immediately.

Book a Clinical Evaluation Now for a Tailor-made Health Program for You

How does it work?
Clinical Assessment

As a first step, you take a Clinical Evaluation Session online at Just Rs 99 and meet one of our therapist to discuss your results and mental health goals. We offer a safe, confidential space to you to understand you better. 

Your Health Program Begins

You choose a recovery plan that fits your needs and goals, and we prepare a detailed, tailor-made 4/8/12 week recovery program for you. We combine therapy with our innovative VR-based Digital Therapeutics to help you recover faster, better. You take this program at either of our Wundrsight Health Hub or online. 


Overcome all your fears, anxieties and stressors with our tailored programs. We make sure that you recover faster with minimum therapy duration, in as early as a week. We have seen clients get better in as less than a week into our recovery programs. 

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