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Virtual Reality Interventions For Mental Health Conditions

Clinican-led VR Therapeutic Interventions for Mental, Behavioral Healthcare Management

Evidence-Based Digital Health Tools Designed for Clinics, Hospitals, and Healthcare Institutions.

Increase client engagement, retention, and adherence with clinically validated digital health solutions such as Virtual Reality Interventions, Mixed Reality Platform, and Clinical Portals. A Must-Have in Your Mental and Behavioral Health Toolkit for Exceptional Treatment Results. Boosting Revenue and Results.
Wundrsight VR Headset

Wundrsight VR Headset

Wundrsight VR Platform

Wundrsight VR Platform

Clinician Portal

Clinician Portal

How does it work?
We assess your needs at the clinic/hospital
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Tailored Assessment for Your Clinic/Hospital

Through an in-depth evaluation, our staff thoroughly understands your demands. The foundation is personalized care, which ensures outstanding and targeted support for your medical needs.

One-Day Setup and Training

Transition smoothly with our one-day setup and training package. Our specialized team ensures that integration and hands-on training are completed in a single day to minimize disturbance. Wundrsight Healthcare helps you increase productivity and success.

Ready, Set, Go!

Based on your assessments, you can integrate Virtual Reality interventions into your existing therapy procedures. Our 'Ready, Set, Go!' technique provides immediate optimization. There will be no more waiting or complicated onboarding.

One day Setup and Training
Based on your assesments, you start administering VR interventions
Track Client Progress Using the Dashboard
Monitor your clients’ progress through Dashboard

Using our user-friendly dashboard, you can easily stay up to date on the progress of your clients. Track and monitor their progress in a single center with real-time information. Determine the effectiveness of your plan with precision.

Interested to Know More?

Are you a healthcare professional, psychologist or psychiatrist wanting to supercharge your therapeutic needs? Schedule a demo to know more about the product and how it can help you deliver superior patient experiences, improve clinician efficiency and improve revenue streams.

  • What is Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy?
    Virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) is a form of exposure therapy that uses technology. Exposure therapy seeks to help decrease the intensity of the stress responses you might have to situations, thoughts, or memories which provoke anxiety or fear.
  • How can I access the Clinical dashboard?
    To access the patient's dashboard, open the patient profile and click the Clinical Dashboard tab. Additional options: Click Add goal to set a goal for a tracker. (Optional: You can also add a target date for goals.)
  • Is VR Therapy Clinically proven?
    Virtual reality (VR) has proven effective in the treatment of specific phobias and trauma particularly when in-vivo exposure therapy might be costly (e.g. fear of flying, combat scenes). Similarly, VR has been associated with improvement of chronic pain and of acute pain during medical procedures.
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